Drugstore Makeup Wishlist

Earlier on , I did a HighEnd Makeup Wishlist and I promised that I would do a drugstore version , so here it is. I’ve had my eye on these for such a long time and I’m definitely going to be purchasing soon. All of these are cruelty free as I have recently decided from now on , I am only buying cruelty free makeup  and when I have used my non cruelty free makeup I am not repurchasing. So carry on reading if you want to see what’s on my wishlist ..

  • Colourpop Highlighter Flexitarian$8

I recently bought two colourpop liquid lipsticks , a satin and a matte and I was so impressed by their quality! Check out my review here : . I really want to try their highlighters because they look insane and are apparently so creamy and intensely pigmented ! If I really like it , it is a lot cheaper than my current Highlighter (the Mary loumaniser) and seems quite similiar – maybe a dupe? I also want to venture out with my highlighters as I only own one and even though it’s amazing , I really want to try some others .

  • Nyx Lip Lingerie in Scandulous and French Maid – £6.50

I own a few of the Nyx Lip Lingeries and I love the formula of them , the applicator is the perfect size and they come in the most gorgeous nudes . My personal favourite has to be bedtime flirt as it goes with every look possible. They’ve just released 12 new shades of them and I definitely have my eye on scandalous and delicate lust as scandalous is a cool toned greyish taupe ( I’ve been obsessed with cool toned brown lips) and french maid is a gorgeous muted mauve. 

  • Nyx Angel Veil Primer – £13

I have heard such good reviews for this primer especially from KathleenLights . Apparently it is great for smoothing out your skin and is a mattifying primer. Even though I have dry skin , I absolutely love a matte base and as my foundation is quite glowy , it will even it out . It’s such an affordable price aswell and I’m obsessed with Nyx products so I think it will be perfect for me!

  • Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Am I the only one who hasn’t tried this? I swear everyone I know seems to own this and their highlight always looks so amazing! I prefer more natural highlights and this has such a good variety of subtle and a lot more prominent shades such as hemisphere. I like how you can also use it for eyeshadow especially the lilac shade with some of the cranberry shades in my Morphe 35t would look incredible!They seem to be such good quality and also look so photogenic , which is always a bonus! It is such a good price and I like how it includes a cream highlight instead of just all powders.

  • Colourpop Matte Pressed Powders in Dreamboat and Cute Alert – $5

I own quite a lot of shimmery shadows and hardly any mattes and when I found out Colourpop were releasing some matte eyeshadows I was so excited! I’ve heard such good reviews about their eyeshadows as they are so buttery and in such a good variety of shades. Dreamboat is the perfect transition shade which is what I desperately need and Cute Alert is a lovely burgundy shade which is perfect for my favourite warm toned eye looks!

  • Nyx Lid Lingerie in Sweet Cloud – £6

Every time I go to Boots , I always end up drawn to this but I have never bought it because I have so many eyeshadows in similiar shades to this , I don’t really need it. But like everything you don’t necessarily need , you want !It’s such a gorgeous colour and they are so pigmented with a lovely texture but I’m quite nervous about trying a liquid shadow. I’m just scared they won’t blend properly and will crease easily. However, I still really want to try one just to see what the massive hype is about . Have any of you tried a liquid shadow ? 

  • I Heart Makeup Palettes – £8

I Heart Makeup have dupes to every TooFaced Chocolate Bar Palettes , even the Sweet Peach one! They smell like chemical chocolate but their pigmentation is meant to be amazing , as they are the same formula as the Makeup Revolution palettes. The shades are such a lovely variety to create any look , natural or smokey . I love that there is a variety of mattes , shimmers and metallics as most drugstore palette just seem to have loads of shimmers. To be honest I think I prefer the packaging on these to the original palettes even though they are a lot more bulky . Also they contain a mirror ! I know this sounds silly for me to get excited about but hardly any affordable palettes have mirrors especially when they are under £10! 

  • Nyx Liquid Illuminater in SunBeam – £8

Spot a pattern yet? Yes , yet another highlighter on my wish list! And yes yet another Nyx item! 2017, is the year I’m going to venture out on my makeup , instead of just using my usual . I’ve never tried a liquid highlighter and I know that if I use this as a base for my powder highlight, I will be blinding! You can also add these to your foundations for a more healthy , glowy look which will be absolutely perfect in summer!

I hoped you enjoyed having a nosy at my wishlist and I’d love to know what cruelty free drugstore products you love, so I can try them too! I’d also like to know what drugstore , cruelty free foundations you all love because as soon as mines run out I’m going to try a new one!

Love ,

Jenna xxx

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks : Review and Swatches

As all of us in the UK know , getting your hands on Colourpop goodies is incredibly difficult or expensive , due to shipping and then customs. But my lovely friend Emma ordered off Colourpop and she very kindly let me choose a few things. Ever since I heard such good reviews about all of their products , especially their liquid lipsticks , I was just desperate to see what the hype was about!

I ordered one Ultra Satin and one Ultra Matte so I could see which formula I preferred. The ultra satin is in the shade Point Zero and is part of Kathleen Light’s Collection and the matte is one of the most popular shades Beeper. They were both $6 ( around £4.80 ) which is such an amazing price for such a high quality liquid lipstick!!

I’m absolutely obsessed with Beeper but it is nothing like I expected , it is a lot darker. It is described as a greige rose but it think it is more of a dark dusty mauve. I think I expected it to be a lot more of a nude than it is but I don’t mind , because it is absolutely stunning. This is an ultra matte formula so it means you can’t really avoid any of the dryness that comes with matte lipsticks but if you apply some lip balm before( I use the body shop lip butters) it isn’t as bad . The durability of this lipstick is insane as it doesn’t budge or fade all day. 

However , I wore this out for a meal and it peeled so much and had practically come off by the time I’d finished. Since it was quite dark on me (I’m very pale) it was quite noticeable especially when it was smudged. I went to the toilet to try and wash it off but honestly they are so difficult to get off!! This is a great thing but not when it’s smudged on your face so if I were you I would suggest wearing a lipliner to try and prevent any smudging or setting it with translucent powder. Apart from it smudging and being a bit messy it’s still such an incredible formula!

 Point Zero is described as a cool toned grey and it is but personally , I think it is more brown than it is grey. I think this is my favourite out of them both as it is a cool toned colour and I don’t own any colours similiar to this. I prefer the formula of the Satin to the Matte as obviously it isn’t as drying but still looks matte. I like how it is extremely comfortable on your lips and it just seems to have a lot more life and just looks amazing!

One thing I don’t like about these liquid lipsticks are the applicators , they are just too big ! I have a small mouth but the applicator is such a weird shape. It’s so short but so thick that they’re really difficult to apply so you have to be really careful when doing so . I used a lipliner and then carved my lips out with concealer to get rid of my excess lipstick . I think it would be better with a lip brush but I just find it way too faffy , if I’m going to quickly apply a lipstick , I need the applicator to be a normal size.

Apart from that , I love how pigmented the lipsticks are , you only need one coat and they are not patchy in the slightest! They don’t sink into any fine lines on your lips and do stay on when you drink , just not eat. They don’t feel tacky at all and dry fairly quickly so there’s no need to set them with translucent powder ( unless you’re eating !)Also , they don’t smell of anything which is great , because there’s nothing worse than having a lipstick that smells chemically!

So therefore , I would highly recommend colourpop liquid lipsticks because the pigmentation is incredible! It’s unlike any other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried before and they are just so gorgeous! I’ll definitely be reaching for these a lot especially in autumn. They are so affordable and such high quality for only $6. I really like the packaging , even though the writing fades as I think it is very simple but gorgeous . I am so glad I’ve added these to my collection and will definitely be trying some of their other products , especially their highlighters and eyeshadows! 

Have you tried anything from Colourpop or is there anything you have your eye on? I’d love to know! 

Love , 

Jenna xx

Celebrities Wardrobes I’d Love To Steal

I got the inspiration for this post , from the lovely Ryley (FadedElement) as the other day , she did an amazing post on this , https://fadedelementblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/celebrity-styles-i-love/ . I absolutely love seeing what celebrities are wearing so I can take inspiration from them for my outfits , I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

Lucy Hale

On Pretty Little Liars , Aria’s outfits were always my favourite , and in real life her clothes still don’t disappoint. They are so gorgeous and also quite different to the usual , without standing out too much. I feel like her style is one of the ones I’d be most likely to wear, especially the top left and bottom left for parties or special occasion . I love her effortless boho chic style and how she seems to be able to make any outfit look incredible!


I’ve been loving Zendaya’s style recently! I love how she always seem to look socomfortable but really cool at the same time! She seems to be obsessed with extremely ripped jeans and hoodies or basic tshirts , which is basically what I live in , when I’m not wearing my pyjamas!! She has the ability to pull off any hairstyle and any outfit , even purple flared trousers!! I personally wouldn’t wear the trousers but everything else I definitely would want to own!

Kendall Jenner

I mean who doesn’t want to steal a Kardashian’s wardrobe , especially Kendalls! She has such amazing style and always looks so stunningly confident in them all! I really like it when she wears more casual black outfits or jeans as it gives me different ideas of how to style them , instead of just wearing a hoodie . I feel like she has such a variety of daring , statement outfits so you would never be stuck or something different to wear. She also always incorporates some beautiful but probably very expensive accessories! My personal favourites have to be her sunglasses as it gives me such a LA , summery vibe.

Jade Thirwall

Jade’s style has changed so much since the start of little mix and she has gone from wearing geek chic to a fashionista. I’ve found her style is quite different to mine , I think hers can be a lot more feminine and a lot more brave than mine. I don’t think that I would have enough confidence to wear some of her clothes but I really appreciate her style. However , I’d really like to start adventuring out with my choices so I’d probably wear something similiar to her everyday , more casual outfit as they look really sophisticated , especially the top left! She seems to like to wear clothes that show off her amazing figure but I find that some of her red carpet / tour clothes are a bit extravagant and too unique for me to wear just to go shopping . She still manages to pull them off and look flawless!
Sabrina Carpenter

I’ve loved Sabrina’s style ever since I first watched Girl Meets World , it’s so simple but so gorgeous at the same time! I feel like out of them all ,this is the one I’d most definitely want to steal her wardrobes!! Her clothes and Zendaya’s are the ones I’d be the most comfortable in , as they feature mostly minimal colours such as black ,whites , blues and greys , so I wouldn’t bring too much attention to myself but also look incredible. I’ve noticed most of them all seem to include some sort of patterns but they aren’t too out there , like some celebrities. 

So these are just a few of the many celebrities I want to dress like , and take inspiration from when choosing new outfits. If you could choose any celebrities wardrobe to steal , whose would it be?


Jenna xx

High End Makeup Wishlist

There has been so much makeup recently that I’ve had my eye on , that I’m struggling to remember everything! These are a few products that so many people have been raving about recently or there’s been a massive hype about , in the beauty community . So if you want to know what products are on my wish list , carry on reading …

  • Morphe 350 and 35F – £21.50

I have been wanting another morphe palette ever since I got the Morphe 35T as they are such amazing quality . I’ve done a post on the Morphe 35T , if you want to see some swatches and a review – https://prettylittledreamerx.wordpress.com/2017/02/25/morphe-35t-review-and-swatches/ . The colour selection is so gorgeous and they will be perfect for the upcoming months . I know next time they’re in stock I’ll definitely have to add them to my collection!

  • Kylie Dolce K and Moon Lip Kit – $29 each

Recently I’ve been obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks and everyone seems to love kylies lipkit . I mean look at the packaging and the formula and everything !!Dolce K is the perfect browny nude and seems to suit everyone and moon is a grey brown colour . I’ve been wanting to join the hype ever since they were released but they are so expensive and then knowing my luck , I’d end up charged with customs!

  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer in Original

I don’t really have a proper primer to put on my eyes because I just use the  Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and set it with a natural coloured eyeshadow . I think it works but I’ve heard such good reviews on this primer so I’m desperate to try it! It makes your eyeshadow not crease and stay on all day and it also matches pale skin tones! 

  • Anastasia Contour Kit – £40

This will be no surprise to any of you makeup lovers as everyone seems to have got hold of this! Quite a few of my friends received this for Christmas and their contour always looks so good! I don’t  contour heavily because I’m always afraid of it looking a bit over the top but with this I think it will blend nicely .I really want to try the banana powder in this kit aswell as the contour shades to set my under eyes , as I don’t really own any banana powders. Do any of you have some good recommendations? 

  •  Original Beauty Blender – £16

I currently own the real techniques miracle complexion sponge which is a dupe of this but apparantly this is a lot better! Everyone’s makeup base looks so flawless when they use this , and it is so versatile aswell ! You can even use it to blend in cream contour which would be so much quicker than using a brush and it would avoid any harsh lines. I’m definitely going to be asking for this for my birthday or Christmas , even though it’s quite far away!! However , the only thing I dislike about BeautyBlenders is how difficult they are to wash , I’ve ripped my real technique ones so many times trying to wash them. It’s such a pain ! I just wish there was an easier way of cleaning them.

  • Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer – £19

I’ve got to admit , I’m a bit of concealer collector , I own about 5 different ones for different things because I haven’t found one yet , that’s brilliant for everything . I’ve had my eye on this for ages as well because I have really dry skin and this doesn’t cling to dry patches!! It comes in such a wide shade variety so it’ll match perfectly!

  • Anastasia Glow Kit X Nicole Guerriro – $40

This glow kit is the latest one and I’m not going to lie to you , I only really want it for the shade ‘forever lit’ as it is such a stunning highlight . I think all the other shades would be too dark for me , but I’d use them as eyeshadows . The pans are such a good size aswell so they’d last for ages and the packaging is so pretty!

  •  Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – £19

Is it just me who hasn’t tried this mascara yet? Everyone and everyone’s friends seem to have tried this and fallen in love with it! I love Too Faced as a brand in general , so I’m sure I’ll really like it too! I’ll definitely have to get my hands on it soon! I just want to find out what I’ve been missing out on! 

So that was just a few of the many makeup items on my wish list , I’ll do a drugstore one soon. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to know whether you’ve tried any of these or what you have on your wish list so I can try them too!

Love , 
Jenna xx

Morphe 35T Review and Swatches

Hello everyone,

 This weeks post is a very exciting one , it’s a review on the amazing morphe palette! So I got the Morphe 35T a few months ago from Beauty Bay and it was only £19.50!! I have been wanting a Morphe palette for ages ,after the massive hype over it and I decided it was finally time to invest . Before getting this palette , I didn’t own any really expensive palettes and just owned a few drugstore ones , which were good for beginners but I knew I wanted something a little bit more special. I thought I would review it and include some swatches (sorry they’re not the best) to let you know whether they are really worth the hype!

The palette came really quickly and it packaged very simply , in just a black box and protected really well with loads of bubble wrap so it came in perfect condition.The shadows have lots of taupes, browns , golds, bronzes , rose golds , cranberry type shades, so you can easily create endless amounts of different looks with! I was really surprised when I first swatched them as they were incredibly pigmented and they feel so buttery and soft .Especially the shimmers and metallics! The mattes don’t have the best pigmentation in the world but still blend nicely.You only have to tap your brush in once and it picks up so much product , so the pans of eyeshadows will last for ages! All of the shadows blend really well so even if you’re brushes aren’t the best you can still create some stunning looks! I also like that there is a quite a lot of mattes , which is quite unusual for most eyeshadow palettes and have such a lovely texture .

Row 1: Right to left

Row 2/ my favourite row!! right to left (with flash)

Row 3: top to bottom

Row 4: right to left

Row 5: top to bottom

The longevity of them is amazing as well , they don’t crease if you have an eyeshadow primer or base on ( I use the NYX jumbo pencil in milk and set with a skin toned shadow) and don’t transfer either. When applied there is barely any fallout which is always a bonus!

Overall , I would definitely recommend a Morphe palette as you get 35 amazing quality shades for around £25!! Morphe is an American brand but they are available on https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/search?q=Morphe and also http://www.beautybay.com/morphebrushes/ . I got mine off BeautyBay but a few of my friends have ordered off Cult Beauty before and their delivery has been really good aswell. They have so many different palettes that will suit everyone, even one with just bright colours in ,for those of you that are more adventurous than me!! Personally,I have my eyes on the 35O and 35F !! So if you have been thinking of getting a morphe palette DEFINITELY GET ONE! It will be one of the best makeup purchases you’ll have bought for a while, trust me ,you won’t regret it.

Love ,

Jenna xx

Am I a Feminist?

Hello everyone ,

So this weeks post is quite controversial but I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic whether it is different to mine or not , I’m really interested.

When anyone says feminist , everyone’s immediate thought seems to be ‘men haters’ or ‘anti men’ and being a feminist is seemed to be a negative thing. Most people seem to hate any feminists and the whole topic in general seems to make people feel uncomfortable or annoyed, but I don’t understand why . Feminism should be something to be proud of!

The actual meaning of feminism is completely opposite to what everyone assumes it means . According to the dictionary feminism is ‘the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities’. This is so true , women for hundreds of years have never had equal opportunities to men and had to go to extreme measures just to get us to vote – the suffragettes . Feminists inspire me so much because they’re not afraid to stand up for what they believe in and have made so many changes to get us women in the position we are in today. However , things still need to change …

I mean , wouldn’t it be nice if girls and women felt safe enough to walk around the streets alone late at night without the fear of getting raped? If women got paid the exact same wage as men for doing the exact same jobs? If no jobs were seen as too ‘manly ‘ for women to do? EXACTLY! But let’s not forget the men. It would also be nice if men could show be able to show emotions without being thought of as being a ‘wuss’.I know now ,lots of men are wearing makeup and are slaying so much but wouldn’t it be amazing if all men could feel comfortable wearing makeup and didn’t get judged? Or if men didn’t have to be anxious about not being ‘manly’ enough’?

I support equal rights for women AND men , I just want to live in a equal society,where we don’t have to worry about stereotypes. If a woman wants to be a policewoman that’s fine , if a man wants to be a hairdresser that’s fine , you get what I mean. Don’t let any stereotypes or other people’s opinions affect your decision , you do whatever you want to be!! If we carry on fighting against stereotypes , one day we will be able to actually live in a gender equality society!! 

Love , 

Jenna xx

7 things I hate about girls, being a girl

Hey everyone,
Okay, so I’m all for women’s rights and standing up for girls but we all know there are many negatives to being a girl . We all know being a girl is generally quite bloody difficult , especially a teenage girl surrounded by unrealistic expectations and full of emotions we don’t know how to deal with.So when other girls decide to try and cause trouble , spread nasty rumours , attention seek etc , it really doesn’t make life an easier. So here are 7 of the things that I hate about girls …

  •  Drama, drama and drama

Out of boys and girls, it’s well known that girls are the most likely to have arguments . If boys fall out they may have a slight scuffle and then get over it but when girls fall out it’s like World War 3 ! It doesn’t end after one argument , it just goes on for ages and then just seems to get worse and worse ,as all other girls feel the need to get involved – even the ones who you don’t normally talk to. The arguments are normally really petty and start over literally nothing and just escalate into something so terrible . I honestly can’t be bothered with any of the drama . I know many girls who seem to enjoy stirring and causing trouble and making girls feel so worthless and unsure of themselves and I hate it.

  • Snakes aka back stabbing bitches

You girls all know what I mean by ‘snakes’ , we’ve all experienced at least one in our life and these are the girls we all try to avoid.Those girls who make you question your trust , as you put everything into your friendship , for them to just turn right around and stab you right in the back. When you least expect it .And then people wonder why we have trust issues…

  • Putting other girls down

Being a girl is difficult enough without another girl putting you down , like we all go through periods , we’re all expected to look perfect and pretend to be happy and calm all the time. Sometimes we’re not and then when another girl starts commenting or whispering about you it really doesn’t help. Everyone has their insecurities and when someone kindly decides to point them out it makes you feel even worse. Basically all I’m saying is THERE’S NO NEED ,LIKE EVER! Us girls need to support each other and be more positive like ‘yass girl your eyebrows are slaying today’ not like ‘ew her eyebrows look like slugs wtf’. NO NEED!

  •  Attention seeking

It really bugs me how basically every teenage girl seems to always be complaining about their weight like even the skinniest of people. On their sc stories they post pictures of them basically in their bra and extremely short shorts , and then the next day at school they stand in front of the mirror and start complaining about how fat they are. You feel inclined to say ‘you’re not fat’ and that’s all they’re doing it for , is for attention. It’s really obvious they don’t think they’re overweight because otherwise they wouldn’t have somuch confidence to post pictures like that. It’s not just weight though, girls attention seek over its things like periods , mental illnesses and boy drama. It’s so annoying! Like we all have our own problems to deal with  so we don’t need to hear about your issues when all you want is attention and compliments!

  •  Trying to be popular

The aim of high school for most girls is to be popular and you probably know the cliche groups :the populars, the wannabe populars , the ‘freaks/weirdos’ , the quiet ones , the nerds etc. Almost everyone wants to be popular and get the popular girls approval ,therefore they go to great lengths to try and achieve it ,like : having a handbag , the same coat as all the popular girls , wearing loads of makeup to school (you get the gist). If you’re not in the populars you get judged so much and labelled , so almost everyone tries so hard . I understand why girls do it but I gave up a long time ago , I’m not a popular but I have loads of friends and I love them to pieces , I don’t honestly care if I don’t get boyfriends easily or get hundreds of likes on Instagram . I’m happy. I just wish all girls didn’t care so much and just focused on being happy instead of what others think of them.

  • Jealousy

Let’s face it . Most of girls bitchiness is caused by jealousy . Someone has always got something what you want , maybe they have the latest phone , more expensive makeup , better figure , nicer hair , you know what I mean. Sometimes jealousy turns into bitterness and this makes some girls get nasty and start giving you a hard time just because they’re just jealous. Therefore they’ll spread rumours about you and make comments to try and make you doubt yourself and put you down . So what if someone has something you want , if everyone had the same thing it’d be boring.

  • Expectations

As a girl we have high expectations from literally everyone and also to each other. We can’t be slightly overweight because then we’re really greedy and fat but we can’t be too thin because otherwise we’re anorexic . We can’t cry if we need to , because we’re just being over emotional and hormonal or ‘it’s that time of the month’ but if we pretend we’re fine and nothing’s wrong we’re a cold hearted bitch . We can’t not wear makeup because if we do we’re not trying and are ugly but if we wear ‘too much’ makeup we’re fake and trying too hard. See the pattern? Everything we do is wrong .And some girls instead of supporting each other , are SO judgemental and then wonder why , the person doesn’t talk a lot or is really self conscience. Everyone would be a lot happier and more care free if there was no high expectations and people just embraced their imperfections and not cared about what others think as long as they’re happy.
Let’s face it , if a man acted to a woman the way women sometimes act with each other ,it would be classed as sexism but it seems acceptable for women to treat each other like that? I don’t understand . If we as women want to be treated equally and not be judged as much , we should start being a lot more supportive of each other and more positive , instead of being so negative and judgmental all the time. Try giving at least one compliment a day to anyone around you and trust me , it will increase their confidence and make you feel so much happier about yourself!!

‘Throw kindness around like it is confetti’- Zoella

Love ,

Jenna xx