Where have I been?

First of all I’d just like to apologise for not blogging in a while , I can’t believe it’s been over a month! I’m so sorry but I’ve been so busy and to be honest with you quite unmotivated . You know when you go through that phase when everything seems just a bit meh!. That’s what I was having but I’m back and I promise to start posting more regularly again!

While I’ve been having a break from blogging , I’ve had quite a few amazing opportunities. First of all I completed my Duke or Edinburgh bronze award! Me! Me , the really unsporty , weak one managed to walk for around 14 hours with a backpack that weighed more than me and camp overnight in the middle of a field!! To be honest , I’m quite proud of myself because I’ve never been camping before this and I actually enjoyed it! Although I probably won’t be doing the silver , im really glad I did bronze because I stepped outside of my comfort zone a lot! If you’d like, I might do a blog post all about my Duke Of Edinburgh Experience!

Secondly , I was one of the 5 chosen in my year to go on a school trip to Cambridge University! We went there for a day and got to look all round the university , find out about what we’d like to do in the future and also had time to look round the beautiful city of Cambridge ! 

Unfortunately , I have also had loads of homework and all my end of year exams are soon , so I’ll have to revise but I promise that I’ll still be uploading blog posts. 

So once again I’m sorry but I’m back now! Hope you’re all well ,

Love , 

Jenna xx


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