Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks : Review and Swatches

As all of us in the UK know , getting your hands on Colourpop goodies is incredibly difficult or expensive , due to shipping and then customs. But my lovely friend Emma ordered off Colourpop and she very kindly let me choose a few things. Ever since I heard such good reviews about all of their products , especially their liquid lipsticks , I was just desperate to see what the hype was about!

I ordered one Ultra Satin and one Ultra Matte so I could see which formula I preferred. The ultra satin is in the shade Point Zero and is part of Kathleen Light’s Collection and the matte is one of the most popular shades Beeper. They were both $6 ( around £4.80 ) which is such an amazing price for such a high quality liquid lipstick!!

I’m absolutely obsessed with Beeper but it is nothing like I expected , it is a lot darker. It is described as a greige rose but it think it is more of a dark dusty mauve. I think I expected it to be a lot more of a nude than it is but I don’t mind , because it is absolutely stunning. This is an ultra matte formula so it means you can’t really avoid any of the dryness that comes with matte lipsticks but if you apply some lip balm before( I use the body shop lip butters) it isn’t as bad . The durability of this lipstick is insane as it doesn’t budge or fade all day. 

However , I wore this out for a meal and it peeled so much and had practically come off by the time I’d finished. Since it was quite dark on me (I’m very pale) it was quite noticeable especially when it was smudged. I went to the toilet to try and wash it off but honestly they are so difficult to get off!! This is a great thing but not when it’s smudged on your face so if I were you I would suggest wearing a lipliner to try and prevent any smudging or setting it with translucent powder. Apart from it smudging and being a bit messy it’s still such an incredible formula!

 Point Zero is described as a cool toned grey and it is but personally , I think it is more brown than it is grey. I think this is my favourite out of them both as it is a cool toned colour and I don’t own any colours similiar to this. I prefer the formula of the Satin to the Matte as obviously it isn’t as drying but still looks matte. I like how it is extremely comfortable on your lips and it just seems to have a lot more life and just looks amazing!

One thing I don’t like about these liquid lipsticks are the applicators , they are just too big ! I have a small mouth but the applicator is such a weird shape. It’s so short but so thick that they’re really difficult to apply so you have to be really careful when doing so . I used a lipliner and then carved my lips out with concealer to get rid of my excess lipstick . I think it would be better with a lip brush but I just find it way too faffy , if I’m going to quickly apply a lipstick , I need the applicator to be a normal size.

Apart from that , I love how pigmented the lipsticks are , you only need one coat and they are not patchy in the slightest! They don’t sink into any fine lines on your lips and do stay on when you drink , just not eat. They don’t feel tacky at all and dry fairly quickly so there’s no need to set them with translucent powder ( unless you’re eating !)Also , they don’t smell of anything which is great , because there’s nothing worse than having a lipstick that smells chemically!

So therefore , I would highly recommend colourpop liquid lipsticks because the pigmentation is incredible! It’s unlike any other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried before and they are just so gorgeous! I’ll definitely be reaching for these a lot especially in autumn. They are so affordable and such high quality for only $6. I really like the packaging , even though the writing fades as I think it is very simple but gorgeous . I am so glad I’ve added these to my collection and will definitely be trying some of their other products , especially their highlighters and eyeshadows! 

Have you tried anything from Colourpop or is there anything you have your eye on? I’d love to know! 

Love , 

Jenna xx


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