May Favourites

Hello everyone ,

Just like to say I’m so sorry for not posting in a while , I’ve been so busy with school and everything that I just decided to have a break. Anyway , I’m back and as another month has passed , so here is the time when I share with you some of the things I’ve been loving during May!


  • Nyx Lip Lingerie – French Maid

I was so excited when I went into one of my local Boots store and finally saw the new selection of Nyx Lip lingeries ! I’ve seen them floating around Instagram for quite a while and was desperate to try some of the new shades , I even mentioned them in my Drugstore Wishlist . I would describe French Maid as a perfect mauve shade and it has to be of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas!

Tv Shows

  • Riverdale

I’m going to be honest with you , I have only just started watching Riverdale , because I was desperate to finally finish Gossip Girl and 13 Reasons Why . Although I’m late watching it , its so good and I like how it’s so intriguing and reminds me a bit of Pretty Little Liars . I feel like it is one of those teenage dramas that everyone is talking about and I can fully understand why! If you haven’t started watching it , definitely do . I’m certain you’ll love it!

  • Pretty Little Liars

I mean who wasn’t excited about the final ever season of PLL ? The season where all our unanswered questions are finally answered . Who actually killed Charlotte ? Which liars get married ? How will everyone cope with Alison being pregnant? I have so many questions and every week I look forward to a new episode being released . It’s so gripping and exciting , it’s one of those shows that you don’t get fed up of . My favourite liar is probably Aria as I love her personality and although her style is sometimes unique , I really like it ! The couple I really want to get married is Haleb because they are so cute and Caleb is literally my dream boyfriend .If you do watch PLL who is your favourite character and which couple do you ship the most?


  • Moana

Since my holidays have been this month , I have had 2 weeks to watch as many films that I wanted . Since I am a huge Disney fan , I was so excited when I finally got to watch Moana , all my friends said it was one of the best films they’d watched and I have to say I totally agree! The songs in it are great , even better than Frozen . Moana herself is the most relatable Disney princess out of them all , she’s not really thin , her hair isn’t perfect , she’s not a dainty , girly girl . She’s strong , determined and stands up for what she believes in!


  • Samantha Harvey – Symphony and Supermarket Flowers

I didn’t know whether to class Samantha’s covers under YouTubers or songs , because although they’re not her original songs , it is all I’ve been listening to this month . Her voice is so soothing and perfect to listen to , and I swear she has the exact same song preference as me! If you haven’t heard of Samantha Harvey , you really need to ! She’s actually incredible !


  • Saccone Jolys

I have to admit I have only properly started watching Anna and Jonathan this month but ever since I saw their latest addition to the family Alessia , I couldn’t help it. Jonathan and Anna are an Irish couple with 3 children and they both have their own separate channels where they upload their own personal content. Although I love their separate channels I absolutely love their vlogs , they are so funny and it is so lovely seeing Eduardo and Emilia helping out . Honestly you can’t watch their vlogs without smiling , it makes me so excited to have a family and such a loving relationship like Anna and Jonathan.


  • Starbucks Burnt Caramel Frappe

I mean what basic teenage girl isn’t addicted to Starbucks? I’ve been to Starbucks so much this month , it’s actually ridiculous , but I couldn’t resist it! Their special drink this month was the burnt caramel one , and I have to say this has to be my favourite drink EVER! It’s so delicious and the sauce on it , is actually amazing! I’m so sad that it isn’t on the ordinary menu , I guess I’ll just stick to my ordinary order ; a mocha frappe! What’s your favourite drink from Starbucks?

What things have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these that I have and what do you think of them? 


Jenna xx


Celebrities Wardrobes I’d Love To Steal

I got the inspiration for this post , from the lovely Ryley (FadedElement) as the other day , she did an amazing post on this , . I absolutely love seeing what celebrities are wearing so I can take inspiration from them for my outfits , I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you!

Lucy Hale

On Pretty Little Liars , Aria’s outfits were always my favourite , and in real life her clothes still don’t disappoint. They are so gorgeous and also quite different to the usual , without standing out too much. I feel like her style is one of the ones I’d be most likely to wear, especially the top left and bottom left for parties or special occasion . I love her effortless boho chic style and how she seems to be able to make any outfit look incredible!


I’ve been loving Zendaya’s style recently! I love how she always seem to look socomfortable but really cool at the same time! She seems to be obsessed with extremely ripped jeans and hoodies or basic tshirts , which is basically what I live in , when I’m not wearing my pyjamas!! She has the ability to pull off any hairstyle and any outfit , even purple flared trousers!! I personally wouldn’t wear the trousers but everything else I definitely would want to own!

Kendall Jenner

I mean who doesn’t want to steal a Kardashian’s wardrobe , especially Kendalls! She has such amazing style and always looks so stunningly confident in them all! I really like it when she wears more casual black outfits or jeans as it gives me different ideas of how to style them , instead of just wearing a hoodie . I feel like she has such a variety of daring , statement outfits so you would never be stuck or something different to wear. She also always incorporates some beautiful but probably very expensive accessories! My personal favourites have to be her sunglasses as it gives me such a LA , summery vibe.

Jade Thirwall

Jade’s style has changed so much since the start of little mix and she has gone from wearing geek chic to a fashionista. I’ve found her style is quite different to mine , I think hers can be a lot more feminine and a lot more brave than mine. I don’t think that I would have enough confidence to wear some of her clothes but I really appreciate her style. However , I’d really like to start adventuring out with my choices so I’d probably wear something similiar to her everyday , more casual outfit as they look really sophisticated , especially the top left! She seems to like to wear clothes that show off her amazing figure but I find that some of her red carpet / tour clothes are a bit extravagant and too unique for me to wear just to go shopping . She still manages to pull them off and look flawless!
Sabrina Carpenter

I’ve loved Sabrina’s style ever since I first watched Girl Meets World , it’s so simple but so gorgeous at the same time! I feel like out of them all ,this is the one I’d most definitely want to steal her wardrobes!! Her clothes and Zendaya’s are the ones I’d be the most comfortable in , as they feature mostly minimal colours such as black ,whites , blues and greys , so I wouldn’t bring too much attention to myself but also look incredible. I’ve noticed most of them all seem to include some sort of patterns but they aren’t too out there , like some celebrities. 

So these are just a few of the many celebrities I want to dress like , and take inspiration from when choosing new outfits. If you could choose any celebrities wardrobe to steal , whose would it be?


Jenna xx