7 things I hate about girls, being a girl

Hey everyone,
Okay, so I’m all for women’s rights and standing up for girls but we all know there are many negatives to being a girl . We all know being a girl is generally quite bloody difficult , especially a teenage girl surrounded by unrealistic expectations and full of emotions we don’t know how to deal with.So when other girls decide to try and cause trouble , spread nasty rumours , attention seek etc , it really doesn’t make life an easier. So here are 7 of the things that I hate about girls …

  •  Drama, drama and drama

Out of boys and girls, it’s well known that girls are the most likely to have arguments . If boys fall out they may have a slight scuffle and then get over it but when girls fall out it’s like World War 3 ! It doesn’t end after one argument , it just goes on for ages and then just seems to get worse and worse ,as all other girls feel the need to get involved – even the ones who you don’t normally talk to. The arguments are normally really petty and start over literally nothing and just escalate into something so terrible . I honestly can’t be bothered with any of the drama . I know many girls who seem to enjoy stirring and causing trouble and making girls feel so worthless and unsure of themselves and I hate it.

  • Snakes aka back stabbing bitches

You girls all know what I mean by ‘snakes’ , we’ve all experienced at least one in our life and these are the girls we all try to avoid.Those girls who make you question your trust , as you put everything into your friendship , for them to just turn right around and stab you right in the back. When you least expect it .And then people wonder why we have trust issues…

  • Putting other girls down

Being a girl is difficult enough without another girl putting you down , like we all go through periods , we’re all expected to look perfect and pretend to be happy and calm all the time. Sometimes we’re not and then when another girl starts commenting or whispering about you it really doesn’t help. Everyone has their insecurities and when someone kindly decides to point them out it makes you feel even worse. Basically all I’m saying is THERE’S NO NEED ,LIKE EVER! Us girls need to support each other and be more positive like ‘yass girl your eyebrows are slaying today’ not like ‘ew her eyebrows look like slugs wtf’. NO NEED!

  •  Attention seeking

It really bugs me how basically every teenage girl seems to always be complaining about their weight like even the skinniest of people. On their sc stories they post pictures of them basically in their bra and extremely short shorts , and then the next day at school they stand in front of the mirror and start complaining about how fat they are. You feel inclined to say ‘you’re not fat’ and that’s all they’re doing it for , is for attention. It’s really obvious they don’t think they’re overweight because otherwise they wouldn’t have somuch confidence to post pictures like that. It’s not just weight though, girls attention seek over its things like periods , mental illnesses and boy drama. It’s so annoying! Like we all have our own problems to deal with  so we don’t need to hear about your issues when all you want is attention and compliments!

  •  Trying to be popular

The aim of high school for most girls is to be popular and you probably know the cliche groups :the populars, the wannabe populars , the ‘freaks/weirdos’ , the quiet ones , the nerds etc. Almost everyone wants to be popular and get the popular girls approval ,therefore they go to great lengths to try and achieve it ,like : having a handbag , the same coat as all the popular girls , wearing loads of makeup to school (you get the gist). If you’re not in the populars you get judged so much and labelled , so almost everyone tries so hard . I understand why girls do it but I gave up a long time ago , I’m not a popular but I have loads of friends and I love them to pieces , I don’t honestly care if I don’t get boyfriends easily or get hundreds of likes on Instagram . I’m happy. I just wish all girls didn’t care so much and just focused on being happy instead of what others think of them.

  • Jealousy

Let’s face it . Most of girls bitchiness is caused by jealousy . Someone has always got something what you want , maybe they have the latest phone , more expensive makeup , better figure , nicer hair , you know what I mean. Sometimes jealousy turns into bitterness and this makes some girls get nasty and start giving you a hard time just because they’re just jealous. Therefore they’ll spread rumours about you and make comments to try and make you doubt yourself and put you down . So what if someone has something you want , if everyone had the same thing it’d be boring.

  • Expectations

As a girl we have high expectations from literally everyone and also to each other. We can’t be slightly overweight because then we’re really greedy and fat but we can’t be too thin because otherwise we’re anorexic . We can’t cry if we need to , because we’re just being over emotional and hormonal or ‘it’s that time of the month’ but if we pretend we’re fine and nothing’s wrong we’re a cold hearted bitch . We can’t not wear makeup because if we do we’re not trying and are ugly but if we wear ‘too much’ makeup we’re fake and trying too hard. See the pattern? Everything we do is wrong .And some girls instead of supporting each other , are SO judgemental and then wonder why , the person doesn’t talk a lot or is really self conscience. Everyone would be a lot happier and more care free if there was no high expectations and people just embraced their imperfections and not cared about what others think as long as they’re happy.
Let’s face it , if a man acted to a woman the way women sometimes act with each other ,it would be classed as sexism but it seems acceptable for women to treat each other like that? I don’t understand . If we as women want to be treated equally and not be judged as much , we should start being a lot more supportive of each other and more positive , instead of being so negative and judgmental all the time. Try giving at least one compliment a day to anyone around you and trust me , it will increase their confidence and make you feel so much happier about yourself!!

‘Throw kindness around like it is confetti’- Zoella

Love ,

Jenna xx


What’s in my makeup bag 2017

Hello everyone ,

This week I want to share with you some of my favourite makeup items that I’ve been reaching for the most. I don’t wear makeup everyday but whenever I do wear it these are the products I’ve been loving.Some I’ve used for a long time but some are fairly new picks but I recommend them all. What are some of your favourite makeup products ? Have you tried any of these before ? 

  • Body Shop InstaBlur primer 

I’ve used this primer for a few years now and it’s one of my favourites . It is like a thick clear gel but it makes your skin feel really smooth and it’s really good for dry skin as it leaves it feeling really hydrated . Other primers I’ve tried have broken me out but this one doesn’t and is also cruelty free which is amazing ! It keeps my makeup on all day and even though it’s fairly expensive one tube lasts for ages .

  •  L’Oréal true match foundation in 2n vanilla rose

I love this foundation as it gives such a flawless , natural but high coverage finish without looking cakey or false in the slightest . It comes in such a wide range of skin tones so it is perfect for everyone which is amazing! It lasts quite long aswell and since I have dry skin it doesn’t cling or bring attention to any dry patches either. It’s only £9.99 so I’d definitely recommend it to everyone and you don’t need to worry about it oxidising either like many other foundations I’ve tried . 

  •  Maybelline fit me concealer in 15

I use this concealer underneath my eyes and blend it because it is very brightening and extremely light shade. It has a really lovely creamy consistency and it reminds me a lot of the NARS radiant creamy concealer . However, I don’t like the limited colour range it has as I’m quite pale but shade 15 is too light for me so I use it underneath my eyes to brighten but shade 10 is too dark. For some reason shade 15 is lighter than shade 10 because I was really confused when I discovered that .

  • Seventeen stay time concealer in fair

This concealer has to be one of my all time favourites , it is so affordable and such good coverage ! I tried the collection lasting perfection before I got this one as everyone seemed to be obsessed over it but I found it really cakey and that it clinged to all my dry patches . This one has around the same coverage and the same price but I prefer it a lot more because it covers up any blemishes really well. 

  • Nyx colour corrector concealer green 

I know many people colour correct all the time and I’ve never done it excessively even though I know it’s meant to be amazing . So I don’t use this concealer all the time but I like to carry it around with me because it’s amazing for when I have any spots or red patches . I have eczema so quite often I suffer from redness , so whenever it’s really bad I apply a bit of that before I put foundation on and it hides the redness straight away.

  •  Nyx matte bronzer -medium

I got this bronzer for Christmas after I’d heard quite a lot of good recommendations , even though I’m really pale I had to get medium as the light was so light it didn’t seem to show up at all. I like this bronzer because it’s not orange and it adds a lovely bit of warmth to the face without looking patchy . 

  •  Nyx contour duo

I got this little palette when I was in America and it’s really compact and great to take travelling with . I don’t use the highlight in it but I use the contour shade to make my cheekbones more defined . It’s the perfect shade because its not too dark or too cool toned either so it looks natural and it blends really well.

  •  Maybelline lash sensational mascara 

I got this mascara after the huge hype on social media, and I do love it as it makes your lashes look amazing and it stays on all day without smudging ! However even though it makes your lashes look really long and black , I have to say I don’t particularly like the wand . I find it really good to get to all the smaller lashes but I find it really hard to apply . Maybe it’s just me but since the wand is slightly curved I seem to get it everywhere especially when I do my lower lashes. When it runs out i think I’m going to try a new mascara maybe the maybelline push up or the nyx double stacked mascara. Do you have any recommendations? 

  • Nyx warm neutrals eyeshadow palette

This palette is one of my favourites I own because it has a variety of mattes and shimmers for every occasion. The eyeshadows are really soft and the shimmers are quite pigmented so they blend really well . It took me ages to get my hands on this palette , it was always sold out but I eventually managed to get it on boots website. The colours are so gorgeous and warm coloured looks are my absolutely favourite !

  • Nyx jumbo pencil milk

I use this as an eyeshadow primer and it’s really good for hiding any veins on my eyelid before I put any eyeshadow on . The jumbo eye pencils come in many shades are really nice as eyeshadows on their own as they are really creamy and blendable. I sometimes use the jumbo pencil in my waterline to open and brighten my eyes up but it is also very useful for halloween or more creative looks!

  • Nyx brown eyeliner 

Brown eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag because since I’m not very good at winged liner I use this underneath my waterline and just on top because it makes my lashes look thicker and more prominent . It was only £2.50 and it just looks really nice and is more natural and easier to apply and wear than winged liner.

  • Mary loumanizer highlighter

This highlighter is a must have !! For ages everyone has been obsessing it and I honestly don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it! It’s so amazing because it gives such an amazing glow! Whenever I use this highlight I get loads of compliments and whenever i run out of it I’m definitely going to repurchase it! I love the packaging on it it’s so photogenic and cute and the balm is such a lovely brand with so many brilliant products!

  • Nyx tame and frame brow pomade espresso 

This is a fairly new purchase for me and before I used this I used either a pencil or a shadow to fill them in . I decided to buy this after I’d heard so many recommendations for it and that it was a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade . I knew that brow pomade dried up really quickly so I didn’t see the point in spending loads of money on one so I thought I’d try this one out and I love it so much!! It hasn’t dried up properly yet and if it gets a bit dry I just wipe a layer of it off and then it’s back to normal again It makes my brows look amazing and is really easy to work with . It is waterproof as well so it stays on all day and doesn’t fade in the slightest.

  •  Nyx setting spray matte

I use this everyday whenever I wear makeup because it defer your makeup really nicely . I chose to try the nyx one because it’s one of my favourite brands and i wasn’t too sure whether setting sprays worked or not so I didn’t want to buy a expensive one if I didn’t use it. The bottles are quite small but when it runs out I’m definitely going into pick up another one.

  • Nyx liquid suede in sandstorm

This is my everyday , favourite lipstick I’ve been wearing a lot recently . It’s a gorgeous browny nude and also a dupe to dolce k . The formula of nyx lipsticks are really lovely and long lasting , and they come in a variety of different colours. I own a lot of the soft matte lip creams and the lingeries because they are so affordable and so comfortable to wear . They don’t feel heavy on the lips and are not extremely drying either.They are definitely my favourite liquid lipsticks from the drugstore!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post , if you have any recommendations please let me know either in the comments or tweet me @jxnna_b .

Love , 

Jenna xx

10 things I learnt in 2016 

Hi everyone!

So as this is my first ever blog post and since another year has passed , lots of things have happened : some good , some bad.I thought I would share with you some of the ten most important things I have learnt this year.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others 

Like in the movie, The Duff it says: there’s always somebody prettier or more talented or richer than you but it shouldn’t affect the way you see yourself’. This quote this year really changed the way I saw myself , for years I’ve been putting myself down compared to others and always thinking I wasn’t good enough but I realised in 2016 , why should I care? There’s always going to be somebody better than you because we’re all good at different things and instead of focusing on the negative, you should try to focus on the positive things. Okay, fair enough, I may not be very athletic but I’m good at other things like art and English which I actually enjoy. Okay , so maybe I didn’t get the top mark in this test , but I tried my best and that’s all I can do .I know it’s not always as easy as it sounds to stop comparing yourself to others but whenever you start doubting yourself ,think of what you are good at or what you do enjoy .

  • It’s okay to cry.

Sometimes things get too much , and no matter how hard you try to carry on and put all the bad thoughts out of your mind , it’s still making you upset or anxious .So instead of always fighting all the tears , just have a long cry , it’s not being pathetic , it’s letting a huge weight off your shoulders . Try talking to someone about how you feel and honestly you will feel ten times better and if that doesn’t work do some of the things you love.

  • Cut the poison out of your life 

We’ve all had that one friend who you trusted with everything and eventually their true colours were revealed. You started to realise that they kept doing little things that kept hurting your feelings and making you doubt yourself. At first I tried to ignore it as I just thought I was being over sensitive so I decided to talk to my other friends to see whether it was just me who had noticed it. It wasn’t. They kept noticing the little things she kept doing and told me to next time she does anything , stand up to her and tell her you don’t like what she’s doing. At first I kept arguing with her until I realised it genuinely wasn’t worth it so I decided to ignore her and just carry on living my life. eventually we all moved on and everything has got a lot better for both of us, she seems a lot happier , we’re a lot happier and it has taught me that nobody is perfect and even the people you least expect to be horrible, can be .If you realise there is somebody like that who isn’t good for you ,  it is better to put a stop to the friendship ,as peacefully as possible ,before it escalates to something worse .

  • It’s good to be different

For all my life all I’ve ever wanted to do was blend in and fit in with the crowd, but I recently met a girl who is not afraid to be different . She doesn’t seem to care what people think of her and she had enough confidence to come to school on non uniform day, in a Melanie Martinez top , bright pink tutu , white stockings , and some glittery heels . Most people were giving her funny looks and sniggering but she didn’t seem to care in the slightest .It made me realise how amazing it is to be different and that I shouldn’t care as much about what others think of me. So in 2017, I’m not going to be as afraid to just be myself, embrace my imperfections and try to have a lot more self-confidence.

  • Smile more

I know this is basic advice that everyone but says. But it is one of the best things I learnt in 2016 because honestly even if you’re down, smiling makes you feel a lot better. Try smiling at strangers in the street because it makes you feel happier and takes your mind off any doubts you have. Everyone around you feels a lot happier and more comfortable to be in your company.

  • Things aren’t as bad as they first appear

I’m generally a very clumsy person, I’m always falling over and bumping into things. So this year I face planted the floor in front of the whole school and gave myself concussion by walking head bang into a lamppost. Yes a lamppost, embarrassing right? Usually I’d probably die of embarrassment and be worrying about what everyone would think of me but I decided to stop caring and just laugh when I fall over. I mean, it’s better to laugh at yourself with others than everyone to laugh at you. I thought everyone would never forget it and keep mentioning it but by the next week everyone had completely forgotten all about it and moved onto something else. So, when something goes wrong or is embarrassing it’s better to laugh about it because after all you’re not the only one embarrassing things happen to!

  • Do more of the things you love 

I am generally quite a stressed person and when I’m stressed , you could say, I’m not exactly the best person to be around. I knew I had to try to change that so I decided to start doing more of the things I love : like making sure I went for a walk at least once a week , not only did it make me feel less stressed , it also helped my health . I decided to start this blog as well because I love writing and being creative. I also did a lot  more reading because I’ve always been a little book worm and I love getting lost in a good book. I think that I’m going to do a post about my favourite books!

  • Step outside your comfort zone , once in a while

Last summer for my holiday, me and my mum went to America to visit our relations, it was amazing. Whilst I was across there I did something I never thought I’d ever dare do, especially since I’m not a very sporty person. I zip wired at 800ft, in a red hot jungle in Mexico!! It was terrifying ,especially when we were dangling over the edge!!! But once you were on the rope, it was so amazing!! Looking down was mesmerising , you could see vibrant exotic flowers all around , monkeys swinging from branch to branch , unusual creatures such as tapirs or iguanas! You could see the macaws soaring up above and hear them talking to each other! It was amazing and when I first decided that I was going to do it , I had a lot of doubts but I don’t in the slightest regret doing it because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

  • You cannot please everyone 

There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like you or what you do or something you’ve done, that’s just the way the world is. Everyone has their own opinions about everything and that’s what makes us all different. Yes, you should try to make people happy but if someone doesn’t like your decision, there will be someone out there who does. At the end of the day, if you think it is the right thing to do you should just follow your heart and so what if not everyone agrees? That’s fine, as long as you’re happy and feel confident with your decision, eventually something good will come out of it!

  • Appreciate the small things

Instead of always just being grateful for the big things, like getting a new phone, receiving money and things like that. Start appreciating the small things like people wanting to be in company, strangers holding the door open and your parents doing everyday things for you like : cooking your meals, washing your clothes and making sure you’re prepared for school. Not everyone is as lucky to have people do things like this for us and everyone loves being appreciated, so instead of just taking it for granted, let them know how grateful you are.

These are some of the things I have learnt in 2016 and what I’m taking into 2017 to try and make it a better year! I hope you have an amazing 2017 and make sure to let me know some of the things you’ve learnt in 2016 .


Jenna xxx