Nyx Soft Matte Lipcreams Swatches and Reviews

Ever since I first found a Nyx stand at my local Boots , I have been absolutely obsessed! One of their most popular products has to be their soft matte lip creams as they are so affordable and the packaging is really photogenic. So since I have quite a few of them , I thought that I would do a review on them and let you know whether they are worth the hype or not.

FullSizeRender 12

First of all the colour choice is absolutely incredible ! They have colours that will suit everyone , they don’t just have nudes they have bright colours such as blues and purple , which is completely different to any other drugstore brands. They are only £5.50 and claim to be comfortable mattes . What more could you want?

I chose a nice selection of colours ranging from nudes to dark berries that are absolutely perfect for winter and autumn. Honestly , I prefer nude colours with a brown undertone , but for £5.50 you can’t go wrong trying something more out of your comfort zone . The shades I have are Abu Dhabi , Zurich , Cannes , Budapest and Copenhagen . They are all named after different cities from around the world which I find so cool and creative!


(left to right) Abu Dhabi , Zurich , Cannes , Budapest , Copenhagen *

Abu Dhabi is a browny nude which is perfect and goes with every look , this is probably my most favourite out of them all. Zurich is a pink toned nude which is lovely but far too pink for my liking , I like to layer this up with another colour. Then there’s Cannes which was my first ever lip cream , it is a gorgeous muted mauvey nude and like Abu Dhabi looks gorgeous with every makeup look. My final two are the darkest of all of them : Budapest is a very pigmented burgundy whereas Copenhagen is a very dark berry . Everyone seems to love Copenhagen but to be honest with you , I don’t really like it. I don’t know whether it’s just mine but you have to layer it up so much , if you want it to not look patchy. I much prefer Budapest as it is a lot more pigmented and it lasts a lot longer. They all have such a nice vanilla smell and they remind me a bit of a subtler scent of Mac lipsticks .

Like the name suggests the lip creams do feel extremely soft and comfortable on the lips . They aren’t drying , even though they are matte like they claim. They have a doe foot applicator and apply so smoothly and evenly . For the lighter shades you only need to apply one layer but the darker shades I would recommend applying more than one. They don’t dry matte straight away which is a shame , so they are quite transferable . However , despite the fact they are very transferable , they do have a good staying power and even when they start to come off a bit , they just fade evenly . It ends up looking like a tint which actually looks quite nice and is a lot better than it peeling off and looking patchy .

I’m going to say it , these have to be one of my favourite affordable liquid lipstick formulas . Although they are quite opaque , they look so gorgeous on the lips. They smell incredible , last a reasonable amount of time , are completely matte without feeling or looking drying. They are cruelty free , come in a massive range of colours , the applicator is the perfect shade and the packaging is super cute! What more could you possibly want from a drugstore lipstick ?

I absolutely love Nyx liquid lipsticks and definitely want to expand my collection. Have you tried any? Which shades do you recommend?

Love ,

Jenna xx

*My swatches aren’t the best but they are definitely improving so bear with me , they hopefully will get better.



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